Illinois CPP Trainers

Falana Coleman-Zamora

Bio: Falana Coleman-Zamora, AM, LCSW, is a Clinical Supervisor at Children’s Home + Aid, where she provides clinical supervision and therapeutic services to children and parents involved in the child welfare system.  Ms. Coleman-Zamora also provides mental health consultation to families and staff in the Early Head Start and Head Start programs.  Ms. Coleman-Zamora completed her apprenticeship during Cohort 3 of the Illinois Child Parent Psychotherapy Learning Collaborative (ILCPPLC) and is now an endorsed statewide CPP trainer.

Services offered: CPP consultation and supervision, CPP training, CPP therapist services

Contact: Falana Coleman-Zamora LCSW –

Tina Dorow

Bio: Tina Dorow MSW, MS, LCSW is a therapist, consultant, and national Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) trainer. She received CPP training from Dr. Patricia Van Horn of the Child Trauma Research Project at UCSF. Ms. Dorow has been a therapist for over twenty years. Currently, she offers therapy to children and families who have experienced abuse, neglect, loss, and violence. She also offers clinical consultation to early childhood and mental health professionals.   Ms. Dorow has facilitated and co-facilitated CPP learning collaboratives in Illinois through the Illinois Child Parent Psychotherapy Learning Collaborative as well as CPP learning collaboratives in other states.

Services offered: CPP consultation and supervision, CPP training, CPP therapist services

Contact: Tina Dorow LCSW, or 773-842-2552

Lili Gray

Bio: Lili Gray, MSSA, LCSW is a National CPP trainer. Ms. Gray has over 25 years of experience providing mental health treatment for young children and families. She is a sought out and popular trainer, speaker, and consultant for psychotherapists, Early Intervention providers as well as other early childhood workers in day care and preschools. She offers both didactic trainings as well as reflective consultation on trauma treatment, early childhood disorders and family engagement. In 2005 Patricia Van Horn, JD, PhD, trained Gray as the lead clinical supervisor piloting CPP in Illinois. Gray co-authored a chapter in the 2nd edition of Young Children and Trauma by Guildford Press. In 2001, she presented at the NTI Zero to Three Conference on Embedding and Sustaining Evidence Based practice in child welfare settings.

Services Offered: individual and group consultation, CPP learning collaboratives, trainings (reflective supervision, trauma, family work, early childhood training for mental health and education professionals)

Contact: Lili Gray LCSW –

Carole Graybill

Bio: Carole Graybill, AM, LCSW.  Ms. Graybill’s specialization in child trauma extends over 25 years. Her clinical identity is rooted in early experiences of working in domestic violence and the child welfare system. Ms. Graybill is a trauma-informed therapist and a clinical and reflective consultant to a variety of practitioners across diverse settings.  An additional specialization is embedding trauma-informed practice in organizations.  Ms. Graybill is recognized for offering innovative training for adult learners. She is an endorsed National CPP trainer since 2011 and currently conducts Implementation Level CPP training in multiple states. Ms. Graybill is most inspired by the journey of healing that CPP offers families. Carole Graybill LCSWB –

Services Offered: Child Parent Psychotherapy, office-based services, CPP Implementation Level Learning Collaborative, CPP Workshop sessions, Individual and group CPP Clinical/Reflective Supervision, Consultation to agency and programs on CPP Implementation and Sustainability.

Contact: Carole Graybill LCSW – or (708) 254-6644, office located in Oak Park, IL.

Beth Pettinelli

Bio: Beth Pettinelli, MSW, LCSW, has worked in the field of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health for 25 years with experience working as a clinician, trainer, and clinical consultant in the systems of Child Welfare, Early Intervention, Early Childhood Education, and Outpatient Mental Health. She is currently an Outpatient Child and Family therapist in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital, where she serves a variety of presenting problems for children & adolescents (birth to 18 years), provides CPP supervision and is a Masters of Social Work Field Supervisor. She is an endorsed CPP national trainer and faculty of the ILCPPLC since 2008.

Services Offered: CPP consultation and supervision, CPP training, CPP therapist services

Contact: Beth Pettinelli LCSW –

Nicole Tefera

Bio: Dr. Nicole A. Tefera, is a licensed clinical psychologist who works both in private practices as the owner of Carmichael Consulting & Behavioral Health Services and at Advocate Children’s Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services. Dr. Tefera is a national CPP trainer. She treats a wide variety of problems including abuse and trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, behavioral problems, adjustment to chronic illnesses, medical traumatic stress, stress-related illness, grief and loss and relational concerns. In her private practice work, Dr. Tefera provides consultation and reflective supervision to care providers and treatment to individuals of any age.   Dr. Tefera is also an Affiliate Member of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network 

Services Offered: CPP trainings, consultation, reflective supervision.

Contact: Nicole Tefera PsyD,  or 708-955-6282